Maunganui vs Syrp Genie – Round Two

A bit more successful this time round due to three things.
One: Actually getting out of bed when my alarm goes off. My usual “its probably raining and not worth moving” doesn’t really cut it when it hasn’t rained for two months.
Two: Not leaving the cable that controls the camera in a draw at home.
Three: Actually having a clue about how the thing worked before getting there and not fumbling around in the rapidly diminishing dark.

But lessons were learnt and alarms listened to, though I should probably go and do this time-lapse thing when there is not such a dramatic lighting change. Ideally you want stable light and the camera on manual, but if going from near pitch black to looking straight at the sun the camera needs to make some adjustments. Its those little adjustments that make the sky flicker and pulse. Never mind, maybe I’ll venture out at mid day… That will be a shock for the cameras.