Lake Mahinapua

Spent the night at the DOC campground at Lake Mahinapua… in the damp with the little bitters (sandflies). The weather wasn’t playing the game well enough to head to the beach so I amused my self with long exposures and a torch.

Lake Kaniere-0603


The very excellent Bevan of Triebels Photography was in the North again so we ventured out shootin’ again… I considerably less enthused about it this time as it was wet n’ windy.
Photographic opportunities weren’t overly plentiful but a quick trip though the Photoshop machine and all of a sudden we just so happened to be in the right place at the right time. Lucky Us


Tauranga Port In Action

Managed to get up on a roof at the port and have play with some cameras up there. Was fun and learnt yet more things about this time lapse lark. Still some much more to learn though.

Slow Shutter / Middle of the day?

The middle of the day in full, harsh, blazing sun is not my ideal time for landscape photography… indeed its not my ideal time to be outside in the sun ( I’m more of a lurking in the shadows kind of chappy ), but I wanted to put my Light Craft Workshop™ Fader ND MK II Filter to the test. Trying to get nice smoky water at mid-day seemed to like a pretty good test and it worked very well. Had to have the aperture at F22 but could still get a shutter speed of between 3 and 8 seconds, depending on what the clouds were doing. Image quality goes down a bit but that is to be expected when you are shooting through two extra pieces of glass. If you’re lazy and can’t be bothered carrying or buying a bunch of ND filters its a pretty good option.